September 26, 2015

What's your vice in life?

We all enjoy something that perhaps we shouldn't. We have that one bad habit we just can't kick. It's that thing you swore to stop at some point in time and haven't been able to. You know you should stop, but damn, it feels so good! You're stronger than that addiction. You tell yourself that you can quit any time you want to. The real problem is that you simply don't want to! Do you?

I didn't think so. 

Why does it seem like the things we crave are often the things that are the worst for us? Bad habits feel so good, don't they?

Tell me yours. Let's explore your addictions, your habits and your vices. Counseling with Kimberly will give you a brand new outlook on the things you can't control on your own.

You might have to work a little harder to beat your addiction if having a beautiful counselor with firm jutting breasts and a round derriere distracts you. My sensual voice will soothe you as we discuss ways to get a grip on your problems.

Call me today!

September 18, 2015

Lock It Up Boys!

Chastity. Why does the mere mention of the word have some men running away as fast as they can?

Perhaps they don't know what you and I know. Chastity is an amazing tool and can be as erotic as it is intimidating. 

I love locking my boys in chastity to reinforce their submission. When I control your cock and take away your immediate ability to masturbate, it's definitely a reminder of who is in charge. Your whimpers and pleading turn me on so please don't think it will help get you unlocked quicker. You just might stay in your device longer just so I can hear that sexy begging!

I have many thoughts to share on male chastity. I'd love to explore it with you. I look forward to hearing from you!

September 06, 2015

Discover YOUR Kink With Counselor Kimberly

How Does One Go About Discovering Their Kinky Interests? Whether you are looking for a little spice in your real life or your online life, exploration is the key!

Don't be timid when it comes to your sex life and the things that make your cock explode. Allow your mind to go places regardless of how far out there it seems. Role play something daring and adventurous. 

Be open to the possibility of something new turning you on even if it's completely different from your norm. 

We all have fantasies that reside in the recesses of our mind that we keep secret from the rest of the world. We fear being judged. We fear being scorned. We fear having our image seen as anything less than 'normal'. Keep an open mind and you just might be surprised at the things you'll stroke your cock thinking about.

Be a pioneer of your perversions! 
Explore every filthy little detail of your fantasies!

You won't truly know if you like something until you give it a try, so call me. Bring your fantasy to me or let me create one for you. We can also discuss, in depth, the many things I have experienced in my own kinky encounters.

September 01, 2015

For The Record

Kinky 'Counselor' Kimberly is not a professionally licensed therapist or counselor of any kind. (No shock there I'm sure!)

This site is for


and not actual medical or clinical therapy but you may still find yourself stretched across my leather couch and spilling all of your secrets.

What I am, however, is a beautiful Domina with many years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle bringing men like yourself to their knees. As such, you may begin to experience some of the following side effects after a "therapy" session with me:

  • A strong desire to worship and serve  dominant women
  • Loss of control
  • Frequent need to masturbate  
  • Prolonged erections and swollen balls
  • An empty bank account
  • Feeling like a loser (shhh it's okay)
  • Increased appetite to suck cock and swallow cum
  • A longing to wear panties and buy pretty lingerie

If you experience these or any other symptoms don't delay.  Contact Counselor Kimberly right away. You obviously need immediate therapy and putting off your session could jeopardize the likelihood of achieving orgasm!